Holiday Message From the Wise Marketer Team

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 25, 2020

All of us who compose The Wise Marketer and the Loyalty Academy wish our readers, sponsors, advertisers, and supporters a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season.

Normally we would be gathering up in groups of family and friends to celebrate the holidays, but we know that, in this crazy year, adhering to traditional patterns won’t be possible for many of us. Limiting our physical gatherings to smaller numbers has become a way of life for the moment, while we connect with the rest of our circle through digital means. We are making the best of it given our circumstances and trust that you are doing the same.

The holidays are meant to be a restful time, but often we find our much anticipated “down time” absorbed by holiday preparations. This year, we might also be burning some of that extra time worrying about friends and family members, the health of our business, or the prospects for the world in 2021.

One thing we always have is hope and we share the reminder that hope is eternal in proxy of boxing up a gift for each of you. We are full of gratitude for all those who participate with and support our mission at the Wise Marketer and the Loyalty Academy. We look forward to continuing to serve you in advancing this genre of customer marketing that we strongly believe in.

Our threefold mission has you at the center of our energies. We seek to raise the standard for all forms of data-driven customer marketing, whatever moniker resonates most with you (Customer Loyalty, Customer Engagement, CX, Digital Transformation, and a few more). We are advocates for the collective products and services that the industry provides to brands around the globe. And we seek to enhance your ability to lead, grow, and innovate through education, networking, and collaboration.

Thanks again for your support. We look at the year ahead through the lens of hope and progress and are confident that we will build on all that we have learned during 2020 to continue to contribute to the customer and loyalty marketing industry.

Take a breath, a moment, or a day and relax. Focus on the hope that lies ahead in the coming year.

We hope you will enjoy all this holiday season has to offer and emerge refreshed and full of energy.

Happy Holidays!