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Holidays are made of celebrations, community, and gratitude – Enjoy yours!

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By: Bill Hanifin, CLMP™ |

Posted on December 24, 2022

Holidays are a time of celebration!

We collectively hit the pause button on our frenetic schedules and enjoy shared experiences with family, friends, and colleagues. Holidays are welcome on our calendar as we have the opportunity to take a deep breath and reflect on all our activities. Better than taking an afternoon off or squeezing in a long weekend, a holiday that is universally celebrated gives us all a reason (an excuse?) to fully step away from the office, the email, and our phones (if that is possible at all anymore).

It may just be a decidedly American affliction, but taking a conscious step back from our work is becoming harder to do in the connected world. Over the past week, I’ve chatted with colleagues and partners in the UK, Africa, India, and New Zealand. In each of these regions, there is an extended period of time set aside for the break. During this holiday season, three weeks out of the office, even four in some cases, is the accepted norm. Even though most people in the US will be back to checking email the week of 2 Jan, we won’t be running advertising for some of our partners in these markets until two weeks later. Why? Because the people they want to reach will still be enjoying a walk on the beach or a slip down the slopes.

Community is the second pillar of the holiday season.

Most people gather in groups, and it can be heartbreaking to know of neighbors who remain alone during this time. We have a tradition at our house of inviting some of the single folks we know to join for food, drink, and fellowship.

The main course of the holiday season is gratitude.

Whether we celebrate a spiritual season, the birth of a nation, our veterans, or – duh – Thanksgiving, we are typically gathering and celebrating to give thanks as a community. How weighty this attitude of gratitude is and how much it permeates our holiday events depends on the individual, as we each have a personal compass determining the role of gratitude in our lives.

Our gratitude list at the Wise Marketer Group is extensive.

We value the opportunity we have at The Wise Marketer and the Loyalty Academy to serve our industry. The growth we have experienced is a testament to our commitment to service and we will continue on the path to inform, educate, and contribute to the growth of the global customer loyalty business.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best for whatever holiday tradition you celebrate this year.