Hosted CRM underpins Netherlands' electronic wallet

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 1, 2004

Hosted CRM underpins Netherlands' electronic wallet

The Netherlands-based retail bank Rabobank has deployed Siebel CRM OnDemand to underpin its MiniTix electronic wallet payment service, providing it with a single, comprehensive view of the online retailers who accept payment via MiniTix.

The new system is an extension of Rabobank's existing on premise Siebel enterprise deployment. By understanding more about the retailers' needs, Rabobank is able to target and acquire more retailers and more effectively service existing retailers. According to Michiel Helmer, Product Manager at Rabobank: "MiniTix is a new service for Rabobank and we needed a rapid, easy-to-use means of managing relationships with the thousands of retailers we are targeting to use the service."

The hosted CRM solution provides complete opportunity management, including the retailer's profile, automatic tracking of the deal history, data sharing from enhanced team selling, appointment setting and contract management. It also helps the Rabobank MiniTix team to create "to do" lists, schedule activities, book appointments and track priorities.

Customer profiles Rabobank can now seamlessly track customer profiles, manage sales pipelines, track activities and administer follow-up contact. It also allows the bank to identify cross- and up-sell opportunities for its range of savings accounts, mortgages, insurance and other services. The unified customer view also ensures that each and every customer inquiry receives a rapid, detailed, and accurate response, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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