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How 84.51° is Solving for an Optimal Grocery Shopping Experience

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Posted on June 5, 2024

Executive interview with Alex Trott, Director, Insights, 84.51°

Today's consumers are busier and more budget-conscious than ever. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “It’s Been 30 Years Since Food Ate Up This Much of Your Income,” reported that food prices are at a 30-year high. In the grocery channel, that means they are more challenging to serve and engage to their satisfaction.

Through Kroger’s loyalty card program, retail data science company 84.51° has identified how grocery retailers and their partner CPGs can win customer loyalty by offering these shoppers the optimal grocery shopping experience.

Powered by cutting-edge science, 84.51° leverages transaction data from over 62 million U.S. households to fuel a more customer-centric journey utilizing 84.51° Insights, 84.51° Loyalty Marketing, and its retail media advertising solution, Kroger Precision Marketing. 

84.51°’s  Omnichannel Trends Report redefines the “omnichannel” shopper as a “hybrid” shopper in recognition of the blended channel behaviors exhibited by grocery shoppers.  Over 80% of omnichannel shoppers state that order accuracy and availability are crucial when shopping online, and 23% claim they will go elsewhere if items are out of stock. 77% of shoppers will still purchase an out-of-stock item immediately in-store or during their next online or in-store purchase.

It’s a complex shopping journey, but one that 84.51° understands. This interview with Alex Trott covers key questions about the shopping habits of the modern consumer, including why they are referred to as “hybrid” shoppers and what is most important to them.

Alex is one of the brightest marketers we have talked with lately and you will be riveted by her insights into 84.51° Loyalty Marketing as well as her vision for how data can be leveraged in the future.

To supplement this conversation, you can download the Omnichannel Trends Report here.

Alex Trott Bio:

As a Director of Insights – Merchandising, Alex Trott is responsible for ensuring that 84.51°’s CPG clients are getting value and insights out of its data by enabling 84.51 Stratum, 84.51 Collaborative Cloud, and other solutions. Alex has been with 84.51° for over 12 years, starting in the grad program. A native Cincinnatian, she graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a minor in entrepreneurship. She sits on the Network of Executive Women Cincinnati Regional leadership team.

Conversation Time Stamps:

:20 - Understanding the power of Kroger Plus card data
1:42 – Three pillars of the 84.51° business model
3:24 – The importance of 84.51° data to CPG’s
6:43 – Overview of the new Omnichannel Special Report
8:00 – Defining and contrasting the Omnichannel and Hybrid customer
8:27 - Highlights from the Omnichannel Trends Report 2024
11:50 – Understanding the Hybrid Shopper
13:45 - Understanding impulse shopping behavior
15:37 - Explaining clickstream analysis to determine “path to purchase.”
17:40 - How the Kroger data interfaces with Customer Loyalty
19:20 - Burning themes in Omnichannel Grocery Shopping 22:03 - Wrap-Up