How a Mobile Messaging and POS Technology Company is Supporting Brands During COVID-19

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 10, 2020

How Brands Respond During COVID-19 Will Determine How They're Perceived in the Long-Term

Mobivity is a technology platform that captures data at the POS, analyzes it, and then provides a platform for restaurants and retailers to leverage that data to not only increase customer retention and engagement, but to also engage their employees. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Mobivity is now offering many of its premium solutions for free to any retailers or restaurants that could use the support.

Some of the solutions offered include their SMS technology that can enable a company to communicate directly with their employees (e.g. this can allow a restaurant/company to deploy instant and secure communications to their individual employees about health and safety updates, etc); their POS platform to drive rapid and personalized customer communications; their Belly network's premium email features. In some cases, they are offering access to these products for free for up to 2-3 months.

Listen in as Dennis Becker, CEO Mobivity, not only talks through these innovative solutions with our Managing Editor, Bill Hanifin, but also dives into some of the hot topics below.

Topics / Video Timestamps:

  • 2:50 How brands are responding to COVID-19
  • 9:05 SMS for fast, personalized responses
  • 10:45 Receipts as the last frontier for restaurants
  • 16:40 Systematic/Consumer changes due to COVID-19
  • 19:50 Innovation during the ordering process and at checkout
  • 21:00 The great hygiene movement may spell the end of kiosk ordering
  • 23:15 Mobivity is offering its premium services for free
  • 26:00 Shoutout to Mobivity’s team

About Mobivity

Mobivity is a leading provider of personalized customer engagement solutions that drive customer frequency and spend. They accomplish this by capturing customer data at the POS, analyzing the data, and then provide the platform and tools to deliver data-driven marketing with messaging applications and rewards to not only motivate customers, but also employees.

Mobivity operates in over 36,000 locations, used by over 17 million customers, and has processed over a billion transactions. They are trusted by major brands like Subway, Sonic, and Baskin Robbins; and, they are partners of major organizations such as Google, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), and EPSON.