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How Collaborative Commerce Can Change the World

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 2, 2021

Collaborative Commerce is a powerful concept being leveraged by leading businesses around the world, yet it is still a phantom concept to many — in more ways than one.

What does it mean? How do you get started? Why would I want to work with my competitors? And most importantly, what does collaborative commerce have to do with loyalty? Explore the answers to these questions and more with us as we interview Lin Classon, a leading expert and pioneer of collaborative commerce.

Lin details how collaborative commerce creates a new ability for brands to collaborate directly with their peers, create new value for their most valuable consumers and is the next evolution of business and loyalty.

She shares her unique interpretation of collaborative commerce and explains the differences with legacy concepts of digital exchanges, coalitions and marketplaces. You’ll also hear why this new vision is more beneficial to your brand than the models that Google, Facebook, Uber, and Door Dash are building right now. If you understand the immense potential of “network effects” (a term popularized by Metcalfe), you’ll see the immediate power of the collaborative commerce model and why there is so much excitement building around this concept. If you’re new to network effects, and the ability for collaborating parties to create disproportionate impact and value for their customers, listen to this interview — it promises to be a fascinating session.


Lin Classon, SVP Platform Strategies at Kognitiv, is a proven strategist and creative problem-solver you can trust in 'the room where it happens.' With more than two decades of experience in multidisciplinary research, strategy development and execution, Lin excels in synthesizing data into knowledge, driving shared understanding and a course of action and delivering results. Analytical and empathetic, she has a unique ability to build consensus and lead cross-functional teams to take calculated risks and drive innovation. Her employers include Google, McKinsey and United Airlines. Lin was named to Crain’s Tech 50 List and an Illinois Technology Association CityLIGHTS Awards for Prominent Woman in Tech Finalist.