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How Collaborative Commerce Solves 5 Key CMO Challenges

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 14, 2021

The pressure on executives has never been higher. In particular, those responsible for customer loyalty are under constant pressure to deliver more value to their customers, a better experience, and all while controlling costs. That requirement is enough to keep even the most confident CMO up through the night.

In fact, actualizing the desire to be a customer-centric organization is something all executives are agonizing over.

As Managing Director, North America for Kognitiv, Peter Menges has unique access to the CMO's grappling with these challenges. In this interview with Bill Hanifin, Wise Marketer’s Managing Editor, Peter shares the insight and experience he has formed on these critical issues.

Peter shares the fundamental 5 "problem questions" that face the modern CMO, and how collaborative commerce provides a much-needed solution to these issues. In fact, for any executive facing challenges of growth under the current business environment, Peter’s explanation of collaborative commerce offers a novel approach.

We trust you’ll enjoy this quick-hitting interview.