How health recipe kiosks can improve grocery sales

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 14, 2008

Nearly 70% of grocery shoppers made an immediate purchase as a result of using a 'Healthnotes Fresh Ideas' healthy recipe kiosk, and more than half agreed that such a kiosk gave them a reason to shop at a particular store, according to the results of an in-store test.

The Fresh Ideas kiosk marketing programme provides shoppers with health-conscious recipes from publications such as Eating Well magazine, as well as seasonally relevant health, wellness and lifestyle information for key grocery departments (e.g. meat and seafood, fresh produce, wines, pharmacy, and nutrition).

Encouraging healthier shopping
The kiosk allows users to create their own shopping lists and print out recipes while in the store. The programme can also suggest appropriate wines for each recipe, as well as tips on food preparation and healthy eating.

According to Amy Simeri McClellan, market research supervisor for US-based Martin's Super Markets (at which the test was conducted), "We are providing a valuable service to our customers. Healthnotes also helps us take advantage of the growth in health and wellness, and drives increased basket sizes."

Test results
The test was conducted by Wisner Marketing Group (WMG), a research firm specialising in consumer and retail trends, and was carried out in 3 Martin's Super Markets during Q4 2007. WMG interviewed a total of 257 shoppers, including previous kiosk users, first-time users, and non-users. After each interview, shoppers were given a coupon which was used to tie their purchases to their Martin's Advantage Card transaction history.

Key findings of the study included:

  • Two-thirds (66.5%) of customers reported that they had purchased items as a result of the information they found on the Healthnotes kiosk. Studies in 2005 reported purchase rates of only 41%.
  • Shoppers accessing the kiosk made total purchases averaging 39% higher than non-users, and these incremental purchases occurred in nearly every department throughout the store.
  • Among kiosk users, 97.3% said they had or would recommend the kiosk to others.
  • More than half agreed that the Fresh Ideas kiosk was, in itself, a good reason to shop at Martin's.
  • 73% of the employees interviewed said that the programme helps save them time while providing customer service.
  • 87% of employees believed that having Healthnotes provided a competitive advantage for Martin's.

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