How kids' desires impact brand purchase decisions

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 20, 2007

Children between the ages of 6 and 11 have a great influence on brand purchases, with 36% of parents saying that their children can significantly influence their purchasing decisions, according to research by Experian Simmons. And 25% of those same parents said that it was hard for them to resist their children's requests for non-essential items.

But what do children want and what are they buying? The Experian Simmons National Kids Study for Fall 2006 found that parents are regularly walking down the grocery aisles with a child or two clamouring for certain items.

According to Chris Wilson, president for Experian Research Services, "Not only do we now know how successful those persistent children can be but, with this latest study, we have learned more about what captures kids' interests and attention."

Key findings
The annual survey of American children aged 6 to 11 seeks insights into how they think, with questions on fashion, media, money, their parents, friends and self-image. The latest study found that:

  • 40% (approx. 9.7 million) of MP3/digital media player owners reported owning Apple's iPod;
  • 4% (approx. 0.97 million) had visited/used in the past month;
  • 9.8% (approx. 2.38 million) had downloaded music online in the past month;
  • 5.6% (approx. 1.36 million) had written or read an online journal/blog in the past month;
  • 54% (approx. 13.08 million) have a television in their room;
  • 26% (approx. 6.26 million) have a stereo in their room;
  • 19% (approx. 4.66 million) have a computer in their room.

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