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How Lakeshore Rebuilt Its Loyalty Program Using Effective Customer Listening

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 2, 2022

In this episode of the CRMC Webinar Series, hear from Lakeshore Learning Materials on how they helped PreK-12 teachers who faced a unique challenge during covid of engaging students within the digital environment.

Lakeshore shared how they overhauled a 20-year-old legacy loyalty program and crafted a customer-centric retention strategy by leveraging the SessionM platform and listening to customer needs.

Key topics include:

  • Modernizing loyalty processes and technologies from outdated, legacy systems
  • Pivoting from an instant gratification, discount-based loyalty strategy to one that incents and rewards valuable behavior
  • Delivering a customer-centric loyalty program by surveying and reacting to customer needs
  • Optimizing mar-tech investments to drive customer loyalty

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Alex Tavera is the Director of CRM, Email and Loyalty at Lakeshore Learning Materials, one of the largest retailers of educational supplies for teachers. In this role, he used Mastercard’s SessionM platform to redesign Lakeshore’s 20 year old loyalty program from an instant gratification, discount strategy to a program that incents and rewards valuable behavior and drives incremental revenue. Prior to Lakeshore, Alex spent over 11 years in the retail space working in loyalty and merchandising, including his role as Strategy Director of Loyalty, Merchandising and External Partnerships at Target’s Dermstore brand.

Charlie Sonnenberg is the Director of Merchant Loyalty Solutions at Mastercard Data & Services. In his role, he works with customers across industries such as Retail and Consumer Goods in developing tailored loyalty programs to drive customer engagement and grow revenue. Prior to Mastercard, Charlie has over 9 years of experience in corporate strategy and loyalty platforms, including 4 years as an Account Executive at Salesforce.