How Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing Ecommerce

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 7, 2021

Mobile commerce has boomed over the past few years. The number of mobile app users has even surpassed mobile-optimized website users.

The reason? 

  • Apps are easy to use with seamless navigation.
  • They readily utilize the device features, such as Bluetooth, audio search, GPS, and camera among others. 
  • Some apps can be used offline. 
  • They load quickly.

No wonder, new survey data revealed that 80% of people frequently use shopping apps. This trend accelerated during the pandemic when consumer behavior shifted to prioritizing convenience and safety versus in-store shopping. Overall, retailers experienced a 36% increase in mobile app downloads and 54% growth in in-app purchases. 

Let’s see how mobile apps are changing ecommerce. 

  1. Offered a New Marketing Channel

Mobile apps are available 24X7. Hence, it offers ecommerce marketers a chance to engage customers round the clock. Merchants no longer need to wait for customers to show up at their store or website. 

With a single tap on the app’s icon, the customer can connect with their favorite brand anytime and anywhere. So, ecommerce marketers are investing in mobile app development to leverage this new channel for their campaigns. 

  1. Improved Customization 

Being personalized to the user, mobile apps offer an interactive interface, encouraging customers to spend more time on the app. This increases the chances of sales.

Features like push notifications, personalized rewards, and search recommendations by location can be used to remind customers about the brand. Technologies like artificial intelligence are making apps more appealing. For example, chatbots allow customers to get answers to their questions.

Mobile apps are changing ecommerce by enabling firms to customize services, thus boosting conversion rates.

  1. Improved Shopping Experience

In a retail setting, speed is critical. Whether it’s responding to queries or the checkout process, customers aren’t willing to wait for more than a minute

Apps allow easy navigation and quick and secure checkout. Customers can complete their purchase with a few clicks, thus improving their experience. Hence, apps allow ecommerce owners to maximize conversion rates and revenue opportunities.

The pandemic has had a transformative impact on online retail. Surely, one of the upcoming trends is mobile apps becoming the new storefront. The above points will help you appreciate the impact of retail apps on the ecommerce domain. For more data on how the pandemic has impacted ecommerce, we recommend reading the below infographic by Pack & Send.