Reengineering Rewards and Gifting With Jonathan Legge of &Open

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 11, 2020

&Open's New Gift-Giving and Rewards Concept

We all hear a lot about “innovation”, but how should it truly be defined? The more you speak with entrepreneurs, in fact any business-person with a high quotient of creativity in their nature, the more clear it becomes they have unique abilities to connect the dots of diverse topics to discover fresh concepts and launch new ideas. Our interview with Jonathan Legge, Co-Founder and CEO of rewards and gifting company &Open, illustrates the essential nature of innovation.

Jonathan has roots in furniture design and recounted how he could look at pile of unfinished wood in a studio and picture a finished chair or table. In a similar way, he looked at gift-giving and rewards and envisioned a new concept which led to the launch of &Open, an organization which self-describes as “a gifting platform that drives loyalty between customers and brands”.

This is a fascinating discussion not just about how &Open is reshaping the rewards and gifting business, but one that reveals a lot about the mindset of a modern-day entrepreneur. Jonathan shares a story about how six factors came together to make a memorable gift of scented candles for one client in the travel industry and we talk about the scientific roots of the psychological impact of gifting programs. If you are interested to know how you can create customer loyalty outside the confines of a formally structured program, you’ll learn a bit about that as well.

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There are many paths to trigger customer engagement, create the next contact or sale, solve service problems, and repair customer satisfaction issues. All of that, plus some advice for others seeking to grow a new business to scale is covered in this interview.

Many thanks to Jonathan for taking time to talk with us. We hope you enjoy the conversation.