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How Sonny’s BBQ and Verizon Are Giving Back To Everyday Heroes While Building Customer Loyalty That Lasts

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 14, 2022

Earning customer loyalty remains a top priority for brands yet can be one of the hardest-to-achieve goals. This webinar, part of the CRMC Webinar series hosted by The Wise Marketer, shares the story of how Sonny’s BBQ developed programs that give back to everyday heroes such as nurses, veterans, and teachers while helping them reach new audiences and maintain lasting customer relationships.

This is a multi-layered illustration of how brands can partner to best serve customers with shared interests. The conversation starts with the Random Acts of BBQ program operated by Sonny’s BBQ and is amplified by Verizon’s efforts to serve customers who are identified as Military families. At the center of the story is ID.me, the company which enables smooth onboarding of customers by taking the guesswork out of customer identification.

We don’t get to experience the brand offering of every retailer we feature in this CRMC webinar series, but in the case of Sonny’s BBQ, we’re not only familiar with the brand, but we are also big fans. As many of our Wise Marketer staff are based in Florida, we’ve had the opportunity to sample the tasty fare at Sonny’s whether we’re in Miami, Jacksonville or Orlando. Try them when you are near one of their locations.

Among other questions, our panel covers:

  • The latest trends in B2C customer loyalty, including the collection of zero-party data and value-based buying
  • Examples of successful campaigns launched by Sonny’s BBQ and Verizon
  • Results from these brands' campaigns, as well as lessons learned

Our Presenters:

Montana Coleman - Sr. Manager, PR & Communications, Sonny's BBQ

Dr. David M. Caruth - Head of Those Who Serve & Students Consumer Marketing, Verizon

Spence Kinnier - Senior National Partner Executive, ID.me

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