How VOXI is Defining the Next Generation of Loyalty Marketing

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 12, 2020

VOXI is a mobile network that is defining the next generation of loyalty with their VOXI Drop program. It is a simple concept, yet an innovative approach to loyalty program design and execution that is hitting it out of the park with younger generations who use social media, particularly Gen Z.

In this conversation, we talk with Scott Currie, Head of VOXI at Vodafone, about VOXI's approach to loyalty marketing and how their "drops" have had a hugely positive response from Gen Z. VOXI has been around for four years and is owned by Vodafone. Vodafone was grappling with research detailing reduced engagement with loyalty programs by Gen Z and VOXI was their answer. VOXI has an entirely separate marketing strategy and different proposition than Vodafone — centered around the needs of young people. One of VOXI's core strategies is to stop, listen to their members feedback, and react quickly — which is exactly what Gen Z wants.

Plus, Isobel Finlayson, Partnerships Account Director at Mando-Connect, and our resident Gen Z guru, talks about how important it is to break out of your traditional view of a loyalty program if you have any intention of gaining brand loyalty from Gen Z. She talks about how Millennials and Gen Z are similar, but different. Millennials can be considered mobile experts, but Gen Z are truly digital natives. And she brings to light that the stereotypical labels placed upon Gen Z have been unfair and assumptions may have came too early. Gen Z is now entering the workforce and they are showing that their resilience to themselves and their desire for change in our environmental and social surroundings are deserving of acknowledgement. Millennials started the conversation about social and environmental change, and Gen Z is putting it into action.



3:30 Gen Z & how they differ from Millennials
7:45 How VOXI is defining the next generation of loyalty