HP reseller Loyalty Points scheme succeeds in Ireland

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Posted on July 16, 2007

HP reseller Loyalty Points scheme succeeds in Ireland

The Irish rewards and incentives company Win/Win has announced the details of a channel reseller loyalty programme recently developed for HP Ireland, through which resellers are rewarded for working with HP's Personal Systems Group (PSG).

According to Noel Kelly, sales and marketing manager for HP PSG Ireland, the company has recently completed a review of the programme and is highly satisfied with the results.

Outsourcing benefits HP made the decision to outsource the reseller loyalty programme to Win/Win, and reports that the resulting programme has been run "very effectively, with very little effort on our part", and with numerous benefits including ease of deployment.

In total, HP has 34 reseller partnerships with companies throughout Ireland, and each of those partner companies has numerous sales personnel. Combined they form a network of between 350 and 400 sales people who are enrolled in the programme that rewards them for selling HP's products to the Irish business community.

Earning and burning Once registered with the HP Loyalty Points programme, sales personnel log the details of their individual sales successes into a dedicated web site. After being verified by HP (to prevent any possible under-entry or over-entry of sales data), those sales are assigned points based on a ratio defined by HP. Points are then credited to the individual sales person, who can then either redeem their points immediately or build them up toward future redemptions.

Points can currently be redeemed for a variety of items, from free golf to a weekend in Paris, and the rewards catalogue is changing constantly. Categories for points redemption include 'Leisure and Lifestyle', 'Travel', 'Irish Hotel Breaks', European City Breaks', 'Electronic Gadgets', 'Shopping Vouchers', 'Entertainment', 'Adventure & Pamper Vouchers' and 'Other Cool Stuff' (which includes products such as cocktail sets and business equipment).

Success factors According to Kelly, the success of the reseller rewards programme is attributable to several main factors, including:

  • Simplicity: It is simple to use, and easy to redeem points online;  
  • Win/Win's staff: A competent and motivated team looks after the programme.  
  • Choice of rewards: The rewards received are chosen by the sales people themselves, rather than HP;  
  • Adaptability: HP can run additional SMS text message-driven campaigns to help encourage sales of a particular product by assigning it extra points;  
  • Reporting: HP uses a variety of programme reports detailing product sales, redemption rates, and so on.  
  • Easy operation: HP does not need to get involved in the logistics behind the programme, with even the user-entered sales figures being checked by Win/Win's staff, and the programme web site being operated by Win/Win as well.

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