HTK Helps Brands Deliver Personalised Promotions Quicker & Easier Than the Competition, With New AI-Driven Tool

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 7, 2021

IPSWICH, UK – 07 June 2021 — Software vendor HTK has today announced the launch of Horizon SalesLift, a promotions engine offering advanced personalization and fast time-to-launch in a user-friendly interface.

According to a study from Mando-Connect and YouGov, 80% of British shoppers think promotions are a great way to reward customers. And research from Hubspot and BRP found that 68% of consumers were likely to shop with brands that offered personalized rewards and promotions.

However, serving targeted promotions to individual customers can be a challenge for marketers. Many promotions engines are time-consuming to implement or designed for use by IT teams. Others lack the key capabilities, such as machine learning, that are needed for truly advanced personalization.

Horizon SalesLift addresses these challenges with a platform that is easy to use and quick to deploy, without compromising on advanced features. It slots seamlessly into any business’ technology stack, through APIs and packaged integrations, to get things up and running quickly.

This also means that real-time data from across the business ecosystem can easily be fed into Horizon’s core CDP – providing rich customer insight for 1-to-1 personalization. SalesLift’s simple, drag-and-drop rule builder allows marketers to create highly customized eligibility rules, based on data about individual outlets, channels, customers, cross-channel interactions, transactions and products.

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And to help marketers ensure that promotions stay on track with commercial goals, SalesLift features a range of dashboards and data exploration tools for monitoring financial KPIs. This gives marketers – and business decision-makers – essential insight into the overall performance of their promotions, including the incremental contribution to sales, margin and customer lifetime value.

Pete Thompson, Chief Product Officer at HTK, said: “The promotions engines on the market today tend to be complex and highly technical, and rarely give marketers the advanced personalization tools or hands-on control that they need.

Marketers need to deliver personalized promotions now – not in 12 months’ time. With SalesLift, we’re giving them the tools to create promotions that deliver value, both for their business and their customers. This is about empowering marketers and reducing the need for large teams or advanced technical skills to deliver personalized promotions.”

Find out more at htk.co.uk/saleslift-promotion-optimization/.

About HTK
Founded in 1996, HTK provides cloud software that helps businesses increase customer value through two-way engagement, insight-driven promotions and personalized loyalty. HTK’s Horizon Loyalty & CX Cloud has rich customer insight baked in, making it easy to deliver individualized experiences on any channel — no data scientists needed. HTK works with clients across retail, telco, hospitality and the public sector.

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