HTK Helps Krispy Kreme UK Launch New Omnichannel Loyalty Program

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 27, 2020

23 JULY 2020 -- Krispy Kreme UK has announced the launch of their revamped loyalty program, powered by technology vendor HTK.

Krispy Kreme Rewards replaces the existing Friends of Krispy Kreme program and aims to provide loyalty members with a more personalised and rewarding experience, regardless of where they choose to engage.

With the new program, Krispy Kreme customers will be able to earn points - known as Smiles - anywhere they purchase their doughnuts, whether in a standalone store, at a supermarket or even online. HTK’s ability to support multiple points-earning mechanics, from plastic cards to on-pack codes, will enable Krispy Kreme to reward their members’ loyalty wherever they shop.

HTK’s Horizon platform also provides Krispy Kreme with richer customer insight, advanced loyalty mechanics and enhanced personalisation tools. Members will receive more relevant offers, earn Smiles for social engagement and have access to an online member portal.

With tight integration between HTK and Krispy Kreme’s other suppliers - Gene Commerce (Magento ecommerce), Flooid (POS) and Nodes (mobile app) - the program can be delivered seamlessly across channels, for a more joined-up member experience everywhere.

Adrian Mosley, Head of Digital said: “HTK has been a great partner to work with on this project, proactively collaborating with our other suppliers to help us design a seamless experience. We were drawn to HTK’s friendly, knowledgeable team and their vision for the future of loyalty and engagement.

“We’re excited to relaunch our program and treat our members to a more personalised and engaging loyalty experience.”

Marlon Bowser, CEO at HTK, said: “We’re pleased to be a part of the successful launch of Krispy Kreme Rewards in the UK and are looking forward to helping take the program to the next level.

“Krispy Kreme has an interesting challenge in joining up member activity across a variety of channels and partners. It’s great to help them connect the dots and bring an element of real-time personalization to the customer journey.”

About HTK
Founded in 1996, HTK provides cloud software that helps businesses increase customer value through two-way engagement, insight-driven promotions and personalized loyalty. HTK’s Horizon Loyalty & CX Cloud has rich customer insight baked in, making it easy to deliver individualized experiences on any channel — no data scientists needed. HTK works with clients across retail, telco, hospitality and the public sector.

About Krispy Kreme UK
Krispy Kreme UK currently operates 105 stores and has a presence in over 900 cabinets with retail partners. It entered the UK market in October 2003 in London and has since opened Hotlight stores in Bristol, Bluewater, Edinburgh, intu Braehead, Enfield, Gateshead, Leeds, Manchester, Peterborough, Shannon Corner and Slough. To find your nearest store or cabinet go to: www.krispykreme.co.uk Purchase online through: www.krispykreme.co.uk/click-and-collect-doughnuts.