Hyundai launches innovative US loyalty scheme

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Posted on September 9, 2014

Hyundai launches innovative US loyalty scheme

Hyundai Motor America has announced the launch of Hyundai Rewards, a customer engagement programme that rewards owners for shopping online and servicing their vehicles at participating dealerships.

The free-to-join loyalty programme offers members points for spending money online through the Hyundai Rewards web site, and every time they visit a participating dealer's service department. Points can be redeemed toward the purchase or lease of a new Hyundai vehicle or a future service visit.

"This programme aims to create a stronger bond between Hyundai Motor America, its dealers and owners," said Michael Deitz, senior group manager of Connected Care at Hyundai Motor America. "We started an interactive rewards programme to make the car ownership experience as easy as possible, lower the cost of ownership, and help with the next Hyundai vehicle purchase."

On the Hyundai Rewards website owners can see their current points. Members can use the online calculator to see the dollar value of their points when they create their voucher. They can then bring the voucher into a participating dealer for a discount. Vouchers can be printed, emailed or shown to the dealer on the members' smartphone screen to receive the discount. The Rewards site is optimized for mobile devices so owners can shop online, view and create vouchers, find participating dealers and manage their account. There is no limit to the amount of points an owner can earn or redeem.

Hyundai Rewards is integrated into the web site to create a one-stop shop for owner benefits and vehicle information. From the site, customers can schedule car care, use Hyundai Blue Link and access owner's manuals and how-to videos.

Online rewards mall The programme features an online mall where owners can earn up to 5% or more of their everyday purchases in Rewards points. The mall has more than 3,000 name brand merchants including Best Buy, Staples and Target. Next to each merchant is the number of Rewards points the member will earn per US$1 spent, and some merchants multiply the Hyundai Rewards points per dollar spent.

Owners are encouraged to shop for things online like they normally would and after they make a purchase the points are automatically awarded to their account. Rewards points earned at the online mall can be used toward the cost of tires, brakes or a new Sonata.

Triple points online Hyundai Rewards members can earn triple points while shopping online with a single transaction. All a member has to do is start their online shopping at Hyundai Rewards.

They can earn points using their personal rewards credit card (airline, bank, gas station, small business, etc.) on the merchant's rewards programme (office supply, electronics, etc.) as well as at the Hyundai Rewards online mall. The result is a multiplying effect, where members can earn loyalty points from their credit card, merchant programmes, as well as Hyundai.

Examples of earning points A Hyundai owner might buy a 7 night hotel stay for US$896.00 on Hotwire and earn 2.16 points per dollar for a total of 1,935 Hyundai Rewards points, which is worth US$19.35 toward an oil change or other service at their Hyundai dealer. In addition, the member could 'double dip' and earn 896 airline miles using their airline credit card for the purchase.

Or, while hunting for bargains using Groupon, an owner could earn 2.7 points for every US$1 spent, so a US$50.00 golfing purchase would earn 135 reward points, and a US$579 3 night holiday with airfare would earn 1,563 Hyundai Rewards points.

Loyalty to the service During vehicle service visits, owners simply bring their registered Hyundai vehicle to a participating Hyundai dealer and earn points automatically for routine maintenance or repairs. No paperwork or membership card is required. Hyundai customers can have up to four vehicles enrolled in the programme at any time.

Points are automatically added to the owner's Hyundai Rewards Account, and these can be combined with points earned via the online shopping mall to pay for future service visits or to purchase a new Hyundai.

In summary, Hyundai Rewards means:

    • Owners earn points for car care maintenance
    • Owners can earn more points with everyday online shopping
    • Selected online merchants multiply the Hyundai Rewards points earned
    • Points can be spent on future service or for purchasing or leasing a new Hyundai
    • Membership is free and no rewards card is necessary
    • There is no limit to the amount of points an owner can earn or redeem
    • Future Hyundai owners can also join and earn points while online shopping
    • Members can pass redemption vouchers to family and friends
    • Hyundai customers can have up to four vehicles enrolled in the programme

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