ICLP publishes loyalty trend papers in Spanish

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 28, 2007

Various loyalty marketing trend reports from global loyalty consultancy ICLP have now been made available in Spanish language, allowing European marketers the option to receive free trend reports and white papers on the subjects of loyalty marketing, research, opinions, and case studies.

The studies published in both English and Spanish are drawn from ICLP's global network loyalty consultancies, and aim to provide useful data that helps marketers develop their loyalty offerings more efficiently.

First report published
The first trend report made available (entitled Bailamos') looks into the growing problem of loyalty programme ubiquity, with which most loyalty programme operators are faced when launching or re-launching a loyalty scheme.

According to the report, marketing managers often forget that consumers in today's mature markets are often lost among a diverse array of competitive offerings and loyalty programmes, most of which are relatively comparable in their functions and benefits, and they tend to react with increasing indifference. Based on examples from theory and actual practice, the paper reveals that the successful way of launching new loyalty strategies lies in the differentiation and communication of emotional factors.

Requesting reports
For those who register online with ICLP, reports in English and Spanish can be requested via the company's web site after logging in. ICLP says that it plans to significantly expand its Spanish content during the next few months.

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