IDC shows vendors how to partner up

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 2, 2004

Partnering up - and doing it well - is a necessity for independent software vendors (ISVs) in the enterprise space, according to a new study of strategic partnerships by industry analysts, IDC.

According to IDC's report, 'An ISV Guide to Partnering with BearingPoint', alliances with systems integrators and consulting firms provide ISVs with the business relevance they need to deliver the solutions clients demand in a challenging economic climate.

But forging successful alliances with consulting firms takes substantial investment and a long-term commitment to managing the relationship. The study details the approach of one such partner, BearingPoint, to alliances with software vendors, providing an essentially practical guide to what both systems integrators and consulting firms may be looking for in ISV partners.

Partner selection
"Companies are being increasingly selective about adding new ISV partners to their alliance portfolios," explained Nicole Gallant, research manager for IDC's software strategic alliance programme. "Our research shows that end users are interested in solutions that address their business challenges, which increases the urgency to get alliances right with value propositions for jointly developed solutions that address those challenges."

The report addresses a number of questions, such as: How do BearingPoint's market priorities impact its alliance strategy? How do alliances work across the various industry teams at BearingPoint? What does BearingPoint value in its alliance partners? The report is the first in a series of guides to partnering with services and software companies.

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