Indigo Books & Music launches loyalty scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 21, 2011

Indigo Books & Music launches loyalty scheme

In Canada, Indigo Books and Music has launched its new 'Plum Rewards' loyalty programme, available at all locations nationwide, offering members points for their purchases along with personalised recommendations and various special offers.

Plum Rewards is a free programme, offering loyalty points for almost everything purchased in-store, as well as special pricing online at

The company said that, based on feedback from customers, the programme was designed to provide Indigo's customers with personalised and inspirational book and product recommendations, promotional offers and VIP shopping events.

While members will earn 10 points for almost every Can$1 spent in-store (including books, toys, magazines, and e-readers), and up to 5% off books purchased online, Plum Rewards also aims to offer meaningful and personalised services and rewards, including:

  • Product recommendations at the Plum Rewards portal, available both online and at in-store kiosks;  
  • Self service access to personalised offers when members log on to their accounts;  
  • VIP shopping events, and opportunities to connect with authors, artists, and designers.

"We heard specifically that many of our customers wanted a free and simple way to add value to all their purchases, as well as recommendations based on their areas of interest," said Deirdre Horgan, executive vice president of marketing for Indigo Books & Music.

The programme's personalised recommendations will include materials that are relevant to previous purchases (for example, an expert-endorsed book on 'Understanding Shutter Speed' for a customer who has purchased photography books in the past). Or, if a customer has indicated an interest in gift & lifestyle products, the recommendation may be for popular studio frames or similar products. Recommendations are also based on purchases made by other customers who have apparently similar interests.

Although not yet in place, the company has announced plans for "I'm not interested" and "I already own it" options to help the recommendations engine produce increasingly accurate and useful results.

Indigo's existing iRewards programme offers a 10% discount on books and a 5% discount on most non-book products for an annual fee of Can$35, and this will continue as an alternative to the free-to-join Plum Rewards offering. Customers can choose to be either a Plum Rewards member or an iRewards member, but not both.

Plum Rewards is available to all Canadians aged 16 or older, and can be joined either online or at any Indigo, Chapters or Coles store.

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