Ingles launches supermarket loyalty card

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 4, 2003

Ingles launches supermarket loyalty card

The US-based supermarket chain, Ingles Markets, has launched its new 'Ingles Advantage' savings and rewards card, offering in-store discounts and free entries into a number of giveaway sweepstakes for its customers. A wider range of rewards and offers are also expected to be added in the future.

The Ingles Advantage card can also be used to assist schools by donating equipment in the chain's Tools for Schools programme, and also to provide college education savings for children (thanks to a partnership agreement between Ingles and Upromise).

Information gathered from loyalty card registrations and usage is to be used to enhance the supermarket's marketing and offer targeting. "This is a new and exciting marketing direction for our company," said Tom Outlaw, vice president of sales and marketing for Ingles. "The card will help us reward our loyal customers and enable us to tailor our marketing to each customer's needs."

As a bonus offer for cardholders during the holiday season, supporting the launch of the loyalty card, members can claim a free Butterball turkey if they spend US$50 or more when shopping during seven out of the programme's first nine weeks of operation. Other inaugural rewards include free entry into sweepstakes for a new 2004 Saturn VUE SUV car, and four US$2,000 furniture shopping sprees.

Application forms for enrolment are being made available in-store, in newspaper advertisements, and on the firm's web site.

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