Insurer aims for loyalty through good experiences

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 14, 2005

Insurer aims for loyalty through good experiences

The Canadian insurance company Aon Reed Stenhouse has implemented ResponseTek's customer experience management system to help built its customer retention rate, by allowing the company to act on customers' experiences to provide better service and develop products based on customer feedback.

Aon Reed Stenhouse's implementation of the system is expected to benefit customer loyalty and retention levels, as well as the company's bottom line. The company currently serves both commercial and personal clients through its 26 offices throughout Canada.

Responding to feedback The ResponseTek CEM system enables the insurer's customers to provide direct feedback before and after their policy renewal dates. Through a closed-loop system that enables quick responses to feedback, Aon can then immediately act on its customers' experiences to provide better levels of service and deliver specific solutions more easily.

The system has been customised to enhance the performance of Aon Reed Stenhouse's customer-facing employees as well as regions and business units, based on existing customer feedback. The Action Management Framework allows Aon's key decision makers to continually manage and improve customer satisfaction levels. Integrated with Aon's decision-making structure, the resulting customer experience data also feeds into and supports the company's sales and service strategies. In other words, by pinpointing problems as they happen the company can spot trends and be proactive in addressing such issues with clients.

Ongoing improvement "As a customer service-focused company, we understand the direct connection between quality of service, satisfied customers and increased profitability," explained Chris Fawcus, executive vice president for Aon Reed Stenhouse. "We chosen this software because it helps establish high quality two-way communication, and met our requirements for proactively achieving continuous improvement."

Among ResponseTek's other clients are T-Mobile, HSBC, NTL Home, Xerox, Washing Mutual,, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, and WestJet Airlines.

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