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Posted on October 5, 2023

Insights from CLMP™ Community member Deon Olivier

The Loyalty Academy has been providing professional education for marketers since 2017. Following the completion of the most recent public workshop in London, the community of persons who have earned their Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ designation has grown to 831 across 49 countries.

That is a truly humbling accomplishment for those working behind the scenes at the Loyalty Academy. To realize that the curriculum created has been eagerly accepted by people around the world is satisfying but we know much growth remains as the courseware has been translated into several languages and is currently “on fire” in Brazil. Much more is to come in 2024.

One of the benefits the Loyalty Academy offers to all who participate is the ability to participate in the community of professionals who have shared in the same educational experience. We know that while Loyalty Marketing may operate based on a common set of best practices, the execution of strategy varies by market. Loyalty programs are influenced by economy, culture, and other aspects of individual countries where brands seek to become customer centric.

For that reason, we value the opportunity to hear from individuals who are part of the CLMP™ Community and we are eager to highlight their experiences and unique points-of-view.

Today, we introduce you to the Loyalty Stalwart, otherwise known as Deon Olivier, Founder Woodstock Engagement. Deon is an active participant in the CLMP™ Community. He has hosted public workshops in Africa and participated as a faculty member in other workshop markets. He is a trusted colleague over many years.

In recent months, Deon embarked on a journey of sharing his insights on Loyalty Marketing and Customer Engagement through concise, 400-word articles. Deon is a believer that knowledge is most valuable when shared and, to date, has been publishing these on LinkedIn. If you search for the definition of Stalwart, you will find “loyal, reliable and hardworking” as the principal defining terms. That gives you an idea of what Deon is all about.

In Deon’s words, “Loyalty Programmes have become pivotal in today's business landscape, and Customer Engagement is at the heart of building lasting relationships. I have had the good fortune of having worked in the dynamic and innovative South African Loyalty market for the last 24 years and am truly proud of what South Africa has produced in this industry.

Through these blogs, I aim to distill key concepts into digestible nuggets, making the world of loyalty more accessible to businesses and individuals alike. By sharing my experiences and expertise, I hope to empower businesses to create more meaningful connections with their customers, driving not only loyalty but also sustained growth.”

We highlight his posts in this series to date and invite you to join Deon on this this learning expedition, where the world of Loyalty Marketing unfolds in bite-sized insights.

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