Invest while you rest' says Jameson Inns loyalty scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 5, 2005

Invest while you rest' says Jameson Inns loyalty scheme

The hunt for innovative but still useful rewards for loyalty programmes continues, and the Jameson Inn chain has just notched up a new one with its 'Stock Awards' programme.

The programme allows guests who meet certain eligibility standards to receive shares of Jameson's common stock instead of discounts or points as a reward for their loyalty. Programme members can also buy Jameson's common stock without paying commissions or other similar charges.

Stock awards Ten percent of the member's room charge is applied to the member's account when the bill is paid; and the number of shares awarded each month is based on the amount in the account at the time, using the average closing price for the stock for the last five trading days of that month.

Cost saving Communication costs are minimised by using electronic delivery where possible. The maximum room charge per night that qualifies for stock awards credits is US$100 (i.e. members can earn a maximum stock award of US$10 per night, regardless of spend). Jameson is offering up to three million shares of common stock to members of the programme.

Requirements To become qualified participants in the programme, guests have to rent a room in their own name three times (including multiple rooms on the same night) during twelve months.

Jameson Inns owns and operates hotels in the southeastern and midwestern USA. Jameson was top in the Economy Hotels category of the Market Metrix Hospitality Index for the first quarter of 2005.

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