iPoints loyalty scheme revamped for Christmas

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 3, 2005

iPoints loyalty scheme revamped for Christmas

The UK-based online loyalty programme iPoints is to launch a pre-Christmas promotional campaign, starting with a complete revamp of its web site, followed by a series of e-mail campaigns provide members with advice on the season's most popular gifts and special offers from iPoints partners.

The web site redesign and promotional period have a common goal: to encourage members to make the majority of their holiday season purchases through iPoints' retail partners.

The new ipoints.co.uk web site sports a cleaner and clearer look, simpler navigation, and easier searching. The revamped site also makes it easier (behind the scenes) for iPoints to track members' behaviour when they visit, to help gain a clearer understanding of their needs and wants. This, the company says, leads to better targeting and tailoring of loyalty programme communications, both from iPoints and its loyalty partners.

Email campaigns The e-mail based promotional campaign involves a series of nine 'iPoints Online Shopping Guides', which offer members a little inspiration based on the most popular gifts of the season to-date, including ideas from retail partners.

The nine guides will each focus on a specific market sector (such as toys & games or mobile phones), with each providing one-click links to the appropriate loyalty partner's web site where they can buy recommended goods. The e-mails will also include special offers from partners and other non-competing companies. iPoints has confirmed that some of the promotions (although not all) will feature  double iPoints offers.

Behaviour targeting The targeting for each email campaign will be based on behavioural analysis of iPoints members' activity, to help ensure that each recipient is pre-qualified (in terms of knowing that they have already bought products in the appropriate product category, or have visited web sites selling that kind of product). Depending on the target audience for each of the e-mail guides, each campaign will be sent to up to 700,000 iPoints members.

Customer behaviour data gathered from responses to the Christmas campaign will be used later to help retail partners target and manage their own e-mail campaigns.

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