iPoints offers loyalty points just for searching

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 15, 2006

iPoints offers loyalty points just for searching

The UK-based online coalition loyalty programme iPoints has signed up InfoSpace Europe as its latest partner, and will be providing iPoints rewards for programme members that use InfoSpace's consumer search facilities online.

The partnership means that consumers will be able to earn personal rewards, in the form of iPoints, for searching the internet via InfoSpace's search engine, WebFetch.com. WebFetch brings together search results from several search engines (including Google, Yahoo! and MSN). The iPoints web site is also to feature a link inviting members to try out the WebFetch search engine.

Earning points Points are awarded to users based on the number of searches they conduct through the search aggregator. Members earn 2 iPoints for their first 10 searches, and 2 more points the next 20 searches. Thereafter, they earn 2 iPoints for every 30 subsequent searches (up to a maximum of 120 searches each month).

Progress bar To help motivate members to continue using WebFetch, the search engine will feature an iPoints Progress Bar that shows programme members how many iPoint-earning searches they have already conducted.

Redemptions iPoints can then redeemed for a variety of rewards, ranging from magazine subscriptions and DVDs to flying lessons, free flights, TVs, jewellery and cameras.

According to Dominic Trigg, vice president of search for InfoSpace Europe, "iPoints has a large audience of loyal, active internet users and they have the technology to enable this complex programme to work simply, effectively and non-intrusively. In partnering with iPoints, we have an opportunity to differentiate our own brand and create a new reason for consumers to return to our site."

iPoints Ltd is the direct marketing and loyalty service provider that operates the iPoints loyalty coalition, which currently claims more than 1 million registered members. The programme has over 300 e-retail partners, and rewards options run to some 200,000 items. The company also creates and manages white label staff and trade incentive programmes.

For additional information: ·  Visit iPoints at http://www.ipoints.co.uk ·  Visit InfoSpace at http://www.infospaceinc.com