iPoints to run medical locum loyalty scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 15, 2005

iPoints to run medical locum loyalty scheme

The temporary medical staffing agency Healthcare Locums has rolled out a new loyalty programme for more than 2,300 medical locums in the United Kingdom, with help from the operator of the internet-based iPoints loyalty scheme.

All medical locums (qualified professional 'temps') working for Healthcare Locums' subsidiary companies Thames Medics, Eurosite Medical, Medical Technical and RS Locums, have been registered with the programme which offers rewards in return for their loyalty to each agency.

Delivered and managed by iPoints, the white-labelled VIPpoints scheme credits locums with points for a range of activities. The locum can access their VIPpoints through the agency's website and redeem points for luxury leisure packages, professional training (known as Continuing Professional Development or CPD), and even items of medical equipment.

Addressing churn Adrian Kingwell, general manager of marketing for Healthcare Locums, said: "Locums have traditionally been happy to move from one agency to the next in search of higher rates and a better choice of work. As a result, agencies bear a high cost to acquire, lose and win back their workforce."

The idea behind the loyalty scheme is that, by rewarding those who are loyal, the agency can reduce the cost of acquiring new locums and reduce the cost to hospitals caused by locums who leave. Kingwell says that the savings will be passed back to staff and clients in the form of better rewards and service.

Geraldine Tosh, managing director for iPoints, said: "iPoints runs a number of motivation schemes for companies wanting incremental value from customers, staff, resellers or channel partners. We are seeing increasing use and response to digital media by locums."

For additional information: ·  Visit iPoints at http://www.ipoints.co.uk ·  Visit Healthcare Locums at http://www.healthcarelocums.com