Israeli food retailers get online loyalty system

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 19, 2003

Israeli food retailers get online loyalty system

A new web-based customer loyalty management service, StoreClub, is being offered to small food retailers that use Retalix POS software, allowing them to operate customer loyalty programmes by connecting to a centrally operated loyalty service. The service is operated by StoreNext Israel, a subsidiary of Retalix Ltd.

StoreNext already provides e-commerce and information services to the Israeli food retail sector. The new StoreClub offering is expected to help small retailers to launch and run loyalty programmes of their own without having to buy into overly complex systems.

Analytical loyalty The system provides programme operators with a variety of services, including member registration, discount programme management, accumulation of points and other benefits, analysis and monitoring of lost customers, and detailed reports on customer buying patterns. It also allows retailers to segment customers for direct-marketing and other targeted promotions.

"StoreClub allows independent and small-chain grocers to operate smart loyalty programmes, similar to those managed by large global retailing chains," said StoreNext Israel's CEO, Yoram Sagy. "There is a need to develop long-term relationships with loyal customers, and the loyalty reward is a key component of any such programme."

The main obstacle facing this group of retailers, however, has always been the complexity and cost of launching and managing loyalty programmes.

First Israel, then the USA StoreClub has already been rolled out in more than 20 independent grocery stores and small supermarket chains in Israel, and a number of non-food retailers have also shown interest in the system.

And, according to Retalix CEO, Barry Shaked, the StoreClub service is one of several that Retalix is developing for tier-3 and tier-4 retailers in both Israel and the USA.

Scalability StoreClub is part of Retalix's web-based retail management solution known as ReMA (Retalix e-Market Applications) - a suite of online applications for retail chain management.

The system can scale up from small chains to mega-chains comprising many hundreds of stores, and includes enterprise/store pricebook and inventory management, reporting and analysis, customer loyalty programme management and execution, and one-to-one targeted marketing campaigns.

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