Italy gets new payment card-based loyalty platform

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 20, 2009

Italy gets new payment card-based loyalty platform

International Promotion Marketing (IPM) and Welcome Real-time have signed a new partnership agreement to co-launch a range of payment card-based loyalty offerings in Italy.

The new joint solution aim to allow cards payment businesses and retailers to deliver personalised offers and redemption alternatives at the point of sale. The real-time targeted marketing capability provided by Welcome is expected to increase card issuer and retailer brand loyalty and billings, while also helping to lower the cost of customer acquisition and retention.

The combined loyalty platform offers banks, retailers and payment networks several key features:

  • Targeted rewards that customers prefer Card issuers and retailers can track and analyse customer buying behaviours and other data to provide more intelligent, targeted rewards in real-time at point of sale. These helpt to eliminate promotional waste by delivering the right offer to the right customer at the right time, ultimately driving higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased purchase rates.  
  • Lower marketing costs Delivering targeted, personalised promotions at the point of sale reduces operational costs compared to many other methods of getting promotions out to a broad audience (e.g. direct mail or mass advertising).  
  • Simplicity of participation Customers can choose any payment card to automatically enrol in and participate in a promotion or loyalty programme. Customers may also choose to use a card that is also offering other differentiated benefits such as loyalty points (effectively 'double dipping').  
  • Greater loyalty Customers can use the point of sale as a channel for the real-time earning of points and other stored value, as well as for real-time redemptions, providing a sense of instant gratification.

"Times may be hard at the moment but there is still significant investment in loyalty programmes as businesses recognise the importance of using customer behavioural data for targeting marketing activity", explained Philippe Bontemps, vice president of business development for Welcome Real-time.

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