Klever Karts to steer retail shoppers

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 13, 2004

A new self-service shopping cart solution for the retail environment is to be co-developed by Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. and Klever Marketing Inc., resulting in an integrated, intelligent shopping cart with a built-in wireless computer that shoppers can use to scan items while they are shopping.

Retailers will be able to use the device to present personalised offers or general product advertising to customers. Products developed through the alliance are expected to begin pilot-testing in mid-2004.

"The 'Klever-Kart' system is designed to build shopper acceptance," explained Bill Dupre, president and chief operating officer, Klever Marketing Inc. "It employs a Fujitsu mobile computer that is permanently attached to a standard shopping cart. This is completely different from earlier devices where the shopper had to remove it from a charging station to use it."

Something for everyone
For consumers - depending on the retailer's individual implementation - the system can bring benefits including discount coupons and an improved shopping experience. The Klever-Kart system encourages shoppers to use it because it is always present. Shoppers who prefer self-service and want to work their way through their shopping trip more quickly can simply scan a loyalty card to identify themselves, scan their goods as they place them in the cart, and pay at checkout without queuing.

For those shoppers who choose not to make use of the computer, however, the retailer can present non-personalised advertising for products sponsored by goods manufacturers. "Either way, everyone wins - shoppers, retailers and advertisers," said Dupre.

For advertisers, the system offers an extra advertising medium, and a prime opportunity to reach consumers at the point of purchase decision. For the retailer, the Klever-Kart system offers new revenue opportunities from consumer goods advertising and increased sales. Actual scan data taken from a test store in 2000 showed the following increases in sales: