Kognitiv Corporation Announces Al Montalvo as EVP of Global Business Development

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Posted on November 16, 2021

TORONTO, Nov. 9, 2021 /CNW/ - Kognitiv Corporation, a global leader in the rapidly expanding market for collaborative commerce, announces the appointment of Al Montalvo as EVP of Global Business Development effective immediately.

Montalvo joins the Canadian-headquartered B2B technology company following a progressive career of leadership positions developing and executing complex strategic alliances and growth opportunities with Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries, including consumer packaged goods, beauty, retail, entertainment, and hospitality.

Al Montalvo EVP of Global Business Development (CNW Group/Kognitiv Corporation)
Al Montalvo EVP of Global Business Development (CNW Group/Kognitiv Corporation)

President and Chief Executive Officer Shawn Pearson said, "As we grow internationally, and the business needs of our clients become more complex, it was critical that we found an executive with deep experience in developing partnerships and strategic alliances and bring that expertise to Kognitiv. I've had the opportunity to work with Al previously and have seen him deftly orchestrate strategic alliances that drive results for all participating organizations. Al's expertise is essential as, at the core of Kognitiv's collaborative commerce model is partnerships and the ability for organizations to work seamlessly peer-to-peer to establish a data-driven, more transparent dialogue with consumers, deliver more compelling programs and return more control of those critical consumer relationships to business owners. Collaborative commerce enables companies to partner more nimbly and execute with more agility than was previously possible. Based on our successful history together, I am excited about the depth of experience and leadership Al brings to our senior team as we power this next stage of Kognitiv's growth." 

"Kognitiv has developed something truly unique that I've not seen in my international business development experience," shared Mr. Montalvo. "Partnerships and strategic alliances can be the lifeblood of an organization's growth, but successful collaborations are typically complicated to develop and complex to execute. Kognitiv's technology platform and business model smartly addresses those key challenges. Across the globe, organizations are looking for ways to develop their consumer loyalty, accelerate customer acquisition, build life-time value, and drive brand partnership opportunities. Kognitiv provides companies the ability to deliver against those key business imperatives and partner with peers quickly, effectively and with more agility. I believe that Kognitiv's solution is well-positioned for today's increasingly complex business, regulatory and technology landscape." 

About Kognitiv

Kognitiv Corporation is a B2B technology company enabling collaborative commerce for its global clients in industries such as Retail, Financial Services, Media, Telecom, Hospitality, Transportation, and Entertainment. Focused on the future of loyalty and de-centralization in Web3.0, Kognitiv enables clients to utilize its platform to increase collaboration with their most valued partners and reduce dependency on intermediaries thus creating significant value for their consumers, and increasing control of their data and experiences.  With the advent of the subscription economy, and the focus on direct-to-consumer models and hyper-personalization, clients can benefit from becoming more efficient with how they plan, scale, and execute their partnerships, create value for their consumers and drive growth. Headquartered in Canada, and employing over 450 people across 50 countries, Kognitiv's largest investors include Aimia Inc., a publicly-traded holding company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: AIM). Find out more at www.kognitiv.com.

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For further information: Hilton Barbour (Hilton.barbour@kognitiv.com)

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