Lack of recognition strains staff loyalty

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 6, 2004

A new survey of employees in the US by job search agency,, has revealed that more than 50% did not receive a bonus payment in 2003, and that 40% plan to change jobs in 2004.

According to CareerBuilder, employees are largely motivated by the desire for a more satisfactory work experience, making more money, and advancing their careers. Some 24% said they are generally dissatisfied with their job. Although this is an improvement on 29% in December 2002, more workers today are looking for new job opportunities than one year ago, with 35% percent saying they had planned to change jobs in 2003, compared to 40% planning to change in 2004.

Nearly four-in-ten workers (39%) report dissatisfaction with opportunities for career advancement at their current jobs with 82% stating they did not receive a promotion in 2003.

Fully 60% of the workers surveyed did not receive a bonus in 2003, and 40% did not receive a salary increase. Of those who received a salary increase, the majority received a raise of 5% or less, while only 18% received an increase of 10% or more. And of those who did receive a salary increase, 45% indicated that the amount did not meet their expectations; of these workers, 46% plan to change jobs in 2004.

The new survey, Plans for 2004, was conducted from November 18th, 2003 to December 4th, 2003, and took into account the opinions and intentions of over 1,900 workers in the US.

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