Las Vegas casino places bets on loyalty card

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 12, 2003

Las Vegas casino places bets on loyalty card

The Las Vegas casino operator, Station Casinos, has enhanced its 'Boarding Pass' loyalty card by offering a 'win without winning' promotion, through which programme members could randomly win a members-only jackpot of up to US$150,000 on slot machines.

The third in the casino's series of Jumbo branded products, the Jumbo Jackpot applies only to customers playing with a Boarding Pass card inserted into the slot machine, at any of the six Station branded properties in the Las Vegas area.

Station partnered with Acres Gaming to implement the technology necessary to launch Jumbo Jackpot.

Win or lose The new jackpot, which is paid out immediately in cash, is guaranteed to be won by somebody before the meter exceeds US$150,000, even if the lucky customer does not actually win on the machine at the time. After being paid out, the meter resets to US$25,000.

"The Jumbo Jackpot can hit at any time, at any place, and regardless of how many coins are played," explained Glenn Christenson, chief financial officer for Station Casinos.

Other previous enhancements to the card have included Jumbo Bingo (which has awarded 21 jackpots in 21 months, averaging US$158,000 each), and Jumbo Hold'em Poker (which was launched in February 2003, and paid out its first US$106,744 jackpot on March 1st, 2003).

"This isn't just another promotion," concluded Christenson. "We believe Jumbo Jackpot gives us a sustainable competitive edge over our competitors."

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