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#120: Innovative Ideas Driving Banking Loyalty in South Africa

Paula Thomas is the host of Let's Talk Loyalty podcast.

My guest today leads loyalty initiatives for one of the biggest banks in South Africa – Nedbank, whose Greenbacks Loyalty Programme began as a simple card swipe incentive programme, but has evolved as a powerful way for the bank to reward its complete banking relationships with their customers.

By listening to customer feedback and understanding loyalty psychology and behavioural economics, Dharmesh Bhana is leading the evolution of a compelling loyalty proposition, focused on benefitting all stakeholders.

Whether it’s to help customers manage their money better, reward responsible borrowing or build excitement and engagement at key moments in customer’s lives, Dharmesh shares his favourite learnings, including the power of competitions as a loyalty mechanic, as well as tangible rewards that can be converted in to cash to be easily used by customers.

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