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#249: UAE Telecoms Giant “Etisalat” Leverages Customer Loyalty for Growth

Paula Thomas is the host of Let's Talk Loyalty podcast.

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, telecommunications companies around the world are increasingly looking to customer loyalty mechanics to grow and succeed. 

Etisalat, headquartered in the UAE is the most valuable brand across all consumer categories in the Middle East and Africa, with a market valuation of over $41b.

The Group recently rebranded to e& as part of its strategy for constant evolution and innovation, which includes a long and impressive history of developing propositions focused on driving customer loyalty.

In today’s podcast, Let’s Talk Loyalty is joined by Antonio Ricciardi, SVP Consumer Intelligence & Engagement at Etisalat by e&, who’s responsible for leading their Smiles Program, and he shares their learnings as they evolve from simple loyalty concepts to become a compelling consumer marketplace achieving even greater customer engagement and loyalty.

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