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#43: Loyalty Marketing in B2B & Concepts Post-Covid – Dr David Cox

Dr David Cox is a loyalty expert and one of the few industry leaders who also boasts a PhD in loyalty marketing!

In this episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty”, we discuss key concepts in motivational marketing that drive powerful commercial results, particularly in the B2B sector. Having won multiple awards for driving loyalty for clients such as IBM and Lenovo worldwide, we discuss some of the most effective techniques they use such as the power of sport to connect with members, and the importance of localisation to get the best results.

We also discuss some of the key trends in the loyalty industry emerging as a direct result of Covid-19, with plenty of insights and ideas that can help you to optimise any programme, whether B2C or B2B.

If you are reading this and you serve a market that you feel like we are not covering adequately, then please reach out to We welcome ambassadors from the professional loyalty marketing and customer loyalty industry that are willing to participate. We can give your “local insights” a “global platform”. Thanks for reading.

#43: Loyalty Marketing in B2B & Concepts Post-Covid – Dr David Cox
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