Let's Talk Loyalty Podcast

#62: The Value of Loyalty Members as a Media Asset

Paula Thomas is the host of Let's Talk Loyalty podcast.

In this episode of LetsTalkLoyalty, we chat to WeAreSonder, a media agency dedicated to professionally valuing OWNED media channels and ecosystems, such as the media assets created by loyalty programme owners.

Every loyalty programme owner has invested in capturing the attention and interest of its members, and that attention is often much more valuable than the business realises.

From American Express to Virgin Australia, this interview discusses case studies of some of the incredible work that is being done around the world to unlock billions of dollars of media value that is often left untapped.

If you are not yet measuring the value of the media assets within your loyalty programme, this episode will be fascinating, and offers key insights on how best these assets can be valued and commercialised, either now or in the future.

Listen to episode 61: Yuu Rewards, Hong Kong’s New Coalition Programme

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