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#67: Loyalty for Small Companies – Driving Lucrative Loyalty

Paula Thomas is the host of Let's Talk Loyalty podcast.

Today’s episode of Let’s Talk Loyalty features some important concepts that go back the basics of how companies connect with their customers, featuring an interview with Ali Cudby, best selling author of “Keep Your Customers” – who focuses on driving customer loyalty in small and medium-sized companies in the US. 

Ali introduces simple yet powerful concepts that are often neglected as companies grow, including the importance of a customer-facing mission statement and key policies to guide customer engagement in a way that drives “lucrative loyalty”.

We discuss the increasing trend for paid loyalty with renewal-based businesses and subscription options emerging in new and unexpected sectors, as well as important insights on the concept of  “hidden revenue” – an effective tool that can drive true customer loyalty in a way that most companies neglect. 

As one of our closing episodes of 2020, we share some hopes and goals for 2021 as the “new normal” begins to unfold. 

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