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Lēvo Doubles Engagement and Increases Conversion by 29% With Personalization Based on Zero-party Data Powered by Wyng

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 28, 2022

Five new experiences and three integrations drive unprecedented results in <60 days from kickoff to launch

NEW YORK, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Wyng, the leading zero-party data platform, today announced the early results of implementing its latest innovations in personalization for LĒVO Oil Infusions. By delivering preference-based personalization in record time, LĒVO was able to double its average visitor engagement and improve conversion by 29%.

Christina Bellman, CEO of LĒVO says, "Reaching customers is harder than ever with the changes in data privacy norms. We knew personalization with Wyng would be powerful, but we were blown away to see how much engagement and conversion increased immediately after launching just a few personalized experiences."

LĒVO is a pioneer in herbal infusion with patented appliances and a wide variety of recipes and accessories sold primarily through the website. Like many retailers, LĒVO faces a major challenge in engaging a broad audience with very different needs. Their products are used by DIY beauty and home health enthusiasts, professional chefs, and passionate cannabis users of all ages and skill levels. Traditional targeted ads and landing pages that rely on third-party data are becoming more expensive and less effective. To continue to acquire customers in this environment, they need to instantly understand and personalize their website for any anonymous visitor who lands on their site.

LĒVO partnered with Wyng to build preference-based personalization using zero-party data for their Shopify-based site in record time. The flexibility of the Wyng software and services helped LĒVO create deeply personalized experiences in record time. After kicking off the project in April, the first set of experiences launched in early June.

  • Next Best Questions: Online visitors encounter two different experiences that collect recipe size and type preferences and then deliver instant value in the form of relevant content and product recommendations.
  • Contextual Preferences: Users can easily add their favorite categories to their personal preferences, such as keto, vegan, desserts, lunch, or dinner. This enables LĒVO to recommend the products that are most likely to interest that particular visitor.
  • Personalized Recommendations: LEVO embedded a shoppable product recommendation for anonymous and known visitors in various pages based on preferences collected during their current and previous sessions.
  • Preference Center: By providing a central location where customers can update their needs and preferences whenever they want, LĒVO builds trust with customers and ensures a relevant brand experience.
  • Integrations: The LĒVO implementation of Wyng includes integrations with several different platforms, including Shopify for eCommerce, CMS, and CRM, Klaviyo for email, and Attentive for SMS. Integrating zero-party data from Wyng with these platforms enables LĒVO to communicate relevant content throughout the customer relationship, keeping customers more engaged and loyal.

Early results show double the website engagement as well as a 29% higher conversion rate for visitors. In the future, LĒVO plans to implement more preference-based personalization by leveraging user-generated content, product quizzes, surveys, gamified experiences, and more.

Wendell Lansford, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Wyng shared, "Wyng exists to help brands understand their customers better, in order to serve them better. LĒVO has a passionate and growing customer community, and we look forward to continuing to help them leverage zero-party data to strengthen customer relationships, and grow revenue by providing more relevant, rewarding, and trustworthy experiences based on each customer's personal preferences."

To learn more about Wyng, visit www.wyng.com and see the case study and video testimonial.

About Wyng
Wyng is the world's leading zero-party data platform. Built on a zero-party data API and privacy by design principles, Wyng makes it easy for marketers to deliver customer experiences that are always welcome, relevant, and compliant. More than 250 brands and enterprises use Wyng to build relevance and trust with their customers. To learn more, visit https://wyng.com.

About LĒVO Oil Infusions
LĒVO is the first of its kind: a premium kitchen appliance that allows you to infuse butter or oil with herbs at home, mess-free. We've automated a traditional process of botanical infusion that's usually messy and tedious, so more of us can enjoy homemade edibles, wellness products, and other creations at home. To learn more, visit www.levooil.com.

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