Liquid Access Turns Loyalty Programs into Sharable Experiences

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Posted on January 19, 2023

Loyalty Academy Board of Regents member Phil Rubin, Founder of Grey Space Matters has been talking lately about how to get loyalty “unstuck”. If you haven’t heard Phil’s thoughts on this topic yet, standby as Wise Marketer will have a feature story on this topic soon.

Part of getting the standard, dare we say legacy, loyalty program models unstuck is to provide new ways for program members to enjoy the value earned from their brand patronage.  We highlight this announcement from Liquid Access featuring a new way to shift the paradigm on outdated loyalty programs.

Liquid Access (a software-as-a-service platform for loyalty programs) is introducing new functionality that enables brands to turn loyalty programs into dynamic sharable experiences. As their website describes, Liquid Access turns memberships and subscriptions into NFT’s, allowing customers to convert rewards and perks into attractive, redeemable privileges that can be shared, traded or sold.

Here is the official press release, dated January 19, 2023:

Liquid Access Turns Loyalty Programs into Sharable Experiences

New SaaS platform shifts the paradigm on outdated loyalty programs

New York — January 19, 2023 -- Liquid Access, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for loyalty programs, today introduced new functionality that enables brands to turn loyalty programs into dynamic sharable experiences. By allowing customers to share their rewards and other perks, brands improve customer loyalty and enhance their acquisition and retention programs.

“Liquid Access is an innovative SaaS platform that’s changing how loyalty programs operate,” said Serge Vasin, Partner at Flintera and Founder and Interim CEO of Liquid Access. “We are doing something completely new by giving a brand’s customers access to a handy tool that enables them to share their experience with their communities. The result of this is that brands can easily turn loyal customers into ambassadors while attracting new customers without high acquisition costs.”

With Liquid Access, loyal customers can own their rewards and perks the same way they would a physical object, which gives them attractive, redeemable privileges that can be shared, traded, or sold. The Liquid Access team handles the entire deployment process on a brand’s behalf, including API integration with loyalty and subscription engines, user and access management, white glove marketing assistance with setting up initial campaigns and more.

“Companies are looking for new opportunities to engage, reward and add value to their loyalty ecosystems,” added Vasin. “Liquid Access is the platform that makes this possible. At scale, we are helping companies build more loyal and engaged communities.”

In November, Liquid Access came out of stealth mode after closing a $3 Million seed round led by Flintera. And one of its first clients was Aloha Mobile. Aloha Mobile’s mission is to keep users safe by making their Web browsing experiences private. The company’s privacy-first Web browser boasts more than 9.1 million monthly active users.

Serge Vasin, Partner at Flintera, leads Liquid Access as a Founder and interim CEO. Julia Momblat is heading Business Development and the company’s US operations. Advisory board members include Eric Chan, previously Head of Partnerships at Chargebee; Robert Novick, Vice President of Finance at Condé Nast; and James Maddison, Creative Director at Lightyear, formerly CMO at TradingView.

About Liquid Access

Liquid Access is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that helps brands to create and manage Web3-enabled digital flow. With Liquid Access, companies can seamlessly enable users to convert their existing subscriptions, memberships, loyalty programs, and other rewards into movable assets. For more information, visit LiquidAccess.com

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