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Liquid Barcodes Releases Technology Solution for Immediate Social Distancing for Convenience Retailers

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 27, 2020

A pre-order and pre-pay with PayPal solution, deployable within a week.

Liquid Barcodes, the world’s leading loyalty marketing platform for convenience retailers, announced today that it has released a proven technology solution to support convenience retailers as they continue to sell essential products to customers, while ensuring social distancing.

As the world struggles to cope with the massive economic disruption and healthcare crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, over one million convenience stores throughout the world remain open, deemed “essential services”, providing critical products to the communities they serve. With consumer demand increasing, retailers are realizing the need to reduce customers’ time in store in order to provide distance for themselves, their staff and their customers.

To assist retailers, Liquid Barcodes has released a “pre-order and pre-pay” solution that can be deployed within a week for most retailers. Customers simply order from their smartphone, tablet or computer, choose their preferred store location, when they plan to collect and pay for the order. This allows staff to ensure the order is prepared and ready to be simply picked up in store, or brought to their car while waiting in the parking lot, or when filling up the car with fuel. The “order and pay” solution is extremely easy to use and ensures that minimal human contact is needed.

The same “take-away” option that is tried and trusted by the restaurant industry is now available for the convenience store industry and it has a critical new role in ensuring its customers and employees can practice social distancing.

Commenting on the launch, Mats Danielsen, CEO of Liquid Barcodes, said:

“The world is stunned by the devastating speed of the coronavirus pandemic and we’re all aware of the critical need to distance ourselves from others at this critical time. With the convenience industry one of the few retail sectors still operating, we realized we have a critical role to play right now, supporting retail stores as they implement social distancing. By allowing customers to pre-order and pre-pay, our technology dramatically reduces the need for them to linger or queue in store. This solution is one that any convenience retailer can implement extremely easily – ensuring one less worry for anxious customers who want to order and pay for their products online, then simply collect their goods in a fraction of the time it might have taken previously. Every second saved matters.”

Headquartered in Norway, Liquid Barcodes is already trusted by some of the world’s top convenience retailers to connect with their customers using the latest techniques and technology. It offers a full range of features that enable stores to engage, promote and reward their customers and drive more profitable - and now safer - shopping behaviors.

Notes to Editors:

  • This technology solution typically goes live in under one week as a non-integrated solution.
  • The store is then just one click away from the loyalty app, website or social media page.
  • Technical implementation consists of 3 steps that take just 10 minutes for web developers.
  • For customers, the online convenience store runs on any phone, computer or tablet.
  • Customers simply choose their preferred store and estimated pick up time & pay for their products with Paypal.
  • Staff prepare the order for the customer to collect.
  • Customers pick up their order instore using their name or order number.
  • More feature information here: http://www.liquidbarcodes.com/concepts/order-pay/

About Liquid Barcodes:

Liquid Barcodes is a leading loyalty technology company specialized in the convenience store and foodservice industries. Its technology platform allows retailers to create a world-class digital loyalty programme and use it to effectively manage their customer relationships. Clients around the world include 7 Eleven, Circle K, Coca Cola, Red Bull, Valora and Reitan Convenience.

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the firm also has offices in Spain, India and the United States. Find out more here:

Website: www.LiquidBarcodes.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/liquid-mobile-barcodes-as/
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/liquidbarcodes

Additional Notes/Background:

  • Liquid Barcodes was founded in Oslo, Norway in 2000.
  • Key Executives include Mats Danielsen CEO, Saurabh Swarup General Manager North America and Bob Stein, Chairman of the Board.
  • The firm is also advised by Bob Stein as Chairman, Dan Munford, Director of Global Convenience Store Focus, and Christian Warning, former Executive with Shell Germany and the NACS representative for German-speaking markets.
  • Liquid Barcodes is a cloud-based platform hosted on Amazon Web Services.
  • Technology partnerships for extended functionality include Tableau, Kubernetes, Braintree and Paypal.

Media Contact:
Saurabh Swarup, General Manager, Liquid Barcodes North America
+1 (703) 745-7795