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“Loyalty Expert Talks” Series from Stampix ft. Mike Capizzi

The elusive concept that has everyone talking is personalized rewards. Whether you want to boost your loyalty program engagement or acquire new customers, finding a way to collect first-party data to fuel personalized communications with customers is a strategy compatible with the goals of most brands.

Stampix employs its Stampix Photo Rewards to give customers a feeling of appreciation and to enhance some of their best moments in life. Stampix turns millions of photo moments from consumers into tangible brand experiences.

The European based company has been hosting a Loyalty Expert Talks series and we’re chuffed to share this interview with Mike Capizzi, Dean of the Loyalty Academy. Mike is a 48-year veteran of the Marketing Services industry with deep knowledge of the Loyalty Marketing space. As a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP) and Dean of The Loyalty Academy, Mike turned this episode into a masterclass covering what it takes to be an accomplished loyalty professional, all the way through to how to measure success in your brand’s program.

This is a must-watch for everyone in the loyalty landscape. Enjoy!

“Loyalty Expert Talks” Series from Stampix ft. Mike Capizzi
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