Liverpool FC swaps over to smart tickets

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 23, 2002

Liverpool FC swaps over to smart tickets

Following in the footsteps of Manchester City FC, the UK's Liverpool football club (LFC) has issued its 50,000 members with contactless smart cards that replace traditional paper tickets and season ticket books. The system is being provided by Fortress GB - the same company that provided Manchester City with its smart ticketing solution.

The multi-application smart card solution, which is aimed at providing better control over stadium access and security, combines PicoPass chips from Inside Contactless, and integrated software and hardware systems from Fortress GB. The system combines access control with customer loyalty, e-purse, and other applications in a package designed to enhance both security and club/supporter relationships.

Trial roll-out The system, now installed at the club's Anfield Stadium, has been rolled out on a trial basis to help acclimatise both the club and its fans to the new technology. Each LFC Fan Card contains details of the cardholders' seat entitlement and identification information.

LFC wanted to ensure that its new cards would function as a means of identifying supporters when purchasing tickets for Premier League, Domestic and European Cup games, and achieved that aim by integrating the new system into the club's existing ticketing software.

Loyalty applications As well as controlling access to the stadium, the card also contains e-purse and loyalty applications that LFC will be able to integrate into packages that season ticket holders receive in seasons to come. Possible applications include loyalty rewards for shopping at the stadium's own shop or at local participating retailers, and also electronic purse payments for goods and refreshments inside the stadium to help reduce the amount of cash held within the grounds.

Eventually Fan Card holders will be able to pre-purchase standard match tickets, and enter the stadium without needing to visit the ticket office at all. The system will recognise the card holder as someone who has purchased a match ticket and allow immediate access into the stadium.

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