LMG to offer retail insights in North America

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 3, 2008

LMG to offer retail insights in North America

In Canada, Groupe Aeroplan has announced that it is launching its UK-based customer-driven insight and communication business, LMG Insight & Communication (I&C), in North America, having new offices based in Toronto and Chicago.

I&C will make use of its existing data analytics tool, Self Serve, to provide North American retailers with new insights into consumers' shopping habits, also enabling them to work with CPG companies to develop better-targeted product communications.

The company's approach, which is already in use by major retailers in the UK, aims to enable retailers and vendors to make better and faster decisions related to key areas such as product assortment, promotions, pricing, and new product development, as well as enabling them to communicate directly with key customer segments.

Self Serve provides retailers and consumer packaged goods companies desktop access to insight from point of sale and loyalty card data. The data can tell what these shoppers look like in terms of demographic profiles, where they live, their household composition and frequency of certain retail visits.

The information can also be used to look at a particular day, product SKU and store, to understand what else is being purchased as part of a shopper's repertoire in order to make better business decisions. These changes could include where they shop, what they buy, and how much they spend, which in turn create a range of challenges for retailers and their suppliers.

Brian Jones is heading up the LMG I&C Canadian business unit, and Mike Blyth has been appointed to manage LMG I&C in the United States. Together, the duo provide a combination of experience in customer loyalty, market research, database analytics, and consumer packaged goods.

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