LMG's insights unit upgrades database

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Posted on March 5, 2008

LMG's insights unit upgrades database

Kognitio, a provider of business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing systems, has been contracted to supply Loyalty Management Group (LMG) with its WX2 analytical relational database management system (RDBMS) to underpin the group's recently launched Insight & Communications division.

Responsible for customer loyalty programmes such as Nectar in the UK and Air Miles in the Middle East, LMG's data analytics operations team decided to implement the WX2 system after comparing its capabilities with a number of other databases.

Faster and smarter insights According to Kognitio, LMG has now deployed WX2 for some 8 terabytes of data using industry-standard HP hardware. By using WX2, LMG hopes to more quickly gain a deeper understanding of customers' purchasing patterns, including cross-purchasing habits.

LMG will also now be able to offer its largest client, Sainsbury's, a series of analytical dashboards giving the supermarket's various FMCG suppliers the ability to analyse a range of data to help them better understand what customers are buying. Armed with those insights, suppliers can then develop more detailed and targeted promotions to drive sales among specific groups of customers.

Virtual data warehousing According to Fiachra Woodman, IT director for LMG, the company undertakes some extremely complex analytics for its clients, and it was essential that the new data warehouse would be able to meet those demands. Woodman noted that LMG chose WX2 because of several key factors: flexibility, scalability, power, and accurate analytical performance.

LMG has installed WX2 as a virtual data warehouse appliance, removing much of the need for proprietary hardware and ongoing infrastructure maintenance costs. LMG has also rolled out several distributed virtual appliances, using 5 terabytes for analytics, 2 terabytes for testing, and 1 terabyte for business continuity and disaster recovery support.

For additional information: ·  Visit Kognitio at http://www.kognitio.com ·  Visit LMG at http://www.loyalty.co.uk