The Wise Marketer Spotlight Series: Loyalty 3.0 with rDialogue

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 18, 2017

The Wise Marketer Spotlight Series: Loyalty 3.0 with rDialogue

Loyalty marketers never stop learning. We’re continually seeking out new best practices, new case studies, new technologies, and new ways of thinking about how to build strong, profitable relationships with our best customers. To assist our faithful readers in this journey, this month the Wise Marketer will launch a new white paper series available free to all subscribers. Our Loyalty Spotlight Series will feature the latest loyalty thought leadership brought to you commercial-free by some of the best minds in customer loyalty. We hope you find it valuable – and that you’ll put some of these best practices to use.


The Wise Marketer Loyalty Spotlight Series offers free white papers to our subscribers covering topics of interest to loyalty marketers.  Download Loyalty 3.0 here.


To kick off our Spotlight Series, we’re very pleased to introduce you to a new white paper from rDialogue, “Loyalty 3.0: The Future is Now” by rDialogue CEO Phil Rubin. In this insightful white paper, Rubin uses the case study of Amazon to outline a new path forward for customer loyalty: Loyalty 3.0. This new loyalty model starts with a 180-degree turn: rather than customers proving their loyalty to brands, it’s time brands demonstrate their loyalty to customers.  Loyal brands – companies with leadership that without exception prioritize the customer as part of a business strategy – create loyal customers.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how to “amazonify” your own customer strategy by leveraging data and emerging technology to change your value proposition – and how that value is delivered to customers – to build Loyalty 3.0.


About the author: Phil Rubin, CEO of rDialogue

A die-hard Saints fan, Phil knows a thing or two about loyalty. Over the course of his over 20-year career, he’s blended experience and innovation to evolve the way businesses identify, retain and expand their best customers. Through the years, some of the world’s smartest companies including Delta Air Lines, Citi, Cox Communications, Macy’s, and GTE Wireless have sought Phil’s expertise and it’s no surprise why. He’s fiercely loyal to his craft, his clients, and his teams (both rDialogue & the Saints) and he’s managed to build a team of high-caliber marketers who share his integrity and dedication.

To download “Loyalty 3.0: The Future is Now,” the inaugural white paper in our Loyalty Spotlight series please click here (You will be redirected to an rDialogue-hosted registration page).

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