Loyalty Driver adds e-coupons and concierge

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 1, 2008

Loyalty Driver adds e-coupons and concierge

IMN, the company that provides automotive dealers with the 'Loyalty Driver' e-newsletter service, has introduced two new ideas to help build customer engagement and loyalty: 'Real Coupons' and 'Concierge Content'.

Real Coupons are customisable e-coupons that dealerships can e-mail to customers and prospects, while Concierge Content comprises specialised and brand-specific e-mail content designed to appeal to the interests of each dealership's target audience.

Market-relevant coupons With Real Coupons, dealerships can choose from a family of e-coupon templates that include cleaning and detailing specials, oil filter change specials, scheduled maintenance service, and savings on new or used vehicles, among others. The dealership can then choose whether to use the template and content provided or modify the content to better suit their own specific target audience.

Dealerships can also upload vehicle pictures, as well as 'Buy Signal' buttons into the templates to help drive additional revenue through increased test drives and service appointments. There are initially 17 Real Coupon templates available through IMN, with additional coupons being introduced over time.

An electronic concierge Concierge content consists, for example, of lifestyle articles about upscale travel destinations that are targeted for inclusion in luxury vehicle brand e-newsletters. The ability to include a link to a full-motion vehicle video or vehicle lifestyle image next to the Concierge Content helps reinforce the luxury brand image. This is intended to help dealerships grow their e-newsletter reader base and also increase sales of servicing, parts and vehicles.

According to Brian Epro, director the automotive services group at IMN, "Since Real Coupons debuted, we've seen a 40% increase in customers clicking on the 'printer friendly' coupon versions, and dealerships using Concierge Content are reporting a higher readership rate."

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