Loyalty Expo to highlight holistic loyalty concepts

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Posted on April 30, 2010

Loyalty Expo to highlight holistic loyalty concepts

The Loyalty Expo 2010, to be held in Florida, USA, from 6th to 8th June, promises to highlight a number of new concepts in customer loyalty and engagement, including the idea that customer loyalty is a holistic process that requires an all-round view of the customer.

The organiser, Loyalty 360, says it aims to provide a practical opportunity for marketing executives and other corporate leaders to gain a better understanding of how to create a true 360-degree experience that engages customers, employees, and partners alike, with the aim of improving bottom line results. This year's theme is: "High touch, high tech, high impact: How to build holistic relationships that drive customer and employee loyalty".

"Customers and employees are multi-dimensional, so the ways in which companies build strong, interactive relationships with them must be as well," explained Mark Jonson, CEO for Loyalty 360. "Loyalty Expo 2010 is bringing together a wide range of best-in-class speakers and partners to provide attendees with the insights, education, and proven tools they need to build the strong bonds and emotional connections that engender the loyalty of their customers and employees and deliver long term success."

Loyalty Expo 2010 promises to showcase the latest loyalty trends, technology and strategies. The keynotes, interactive sessions and peer group discussions will drill down to show attendees how to implement an impactful voice of the customer, high tech/high touch initiative to build and sustain strong relationships with their customers, employees and partners. Key questions to be explored will include:

  • Are you hitting the key touch points to drive customer and employee loyalty?  
  • Is the experience you're creating touching their hearts, minds and emotions?  
  • Are you in touch with the needs and wants of your employees, customers and partners need?

Jeanne Bliss, managing partner for Customer Bliss will present the Loyalty Expo 2010 Keynote, 'The five decisions of beloved and prosperous companies: How to become a company customers love and can't live without'.

Other sessions will include:

  • Irrationally loyal: The neuroscience of engagement;  
  • Point-of-Sale loyalty: The last mile in loyalty;  
  • Driving retail consumer loyalty and engagement through community;  
  • The ultimate integrated marketing: Bridging the gap between brand, digital and in-store;  
  • Brand-driven engagement: Strategies, real-world examples and measures via loyalty marketing and beyond;  
  • Aligning inside and out for solid engagement;  
  • Contemporary engagement measurement: Using engagement to measure cross-media marketing;  
  • Doing well by doing good.

For additional information and registration, visit http://www.loyaltyexpo.com.

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