Loyalty in Dubai: An Interview With Mark Schoombie, Gratifii Limited

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 4, 2022

With the 2022 Dubai CLMP Workshop fast approaching on March 22 - 24, we wanted to sit down with Mark Schoombie, CTO of Gratifii, one of the workshop sponsors, to understand his perspective on loyalty, why Dubai is a hotspot for loyalty, why he sponsored the workshop, and much more!

Manav Fernandez, Co-Founder, QBF Consulting, and Faculty Member, The Loyalty Academy, who will be co-instructing the Dubai workshop with Mike Capizzi, hosted this session with Mark.

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Here are a couple of the many interesting excerpts from the interview:

Manav: "What makes Dubai aka “the center of the universe” different?"

Mark: “It’s a fascinating question. What’s interesting about the UAE, not only Dubai, is that the technology and market capability such as payment technology is so advanced, yet there is still an abundance of check and cash activity. There is an element of friction for the consumer which creates a massive opportunity to reshape loyalty from a friction and consumer perspective.”

Manav: "Why partner with the Loyalty academy?"

Mark: “There are several reasons Gratifii decided to partner with the Loyalty Academy. Sponsorship is a great way to gain exposure with the region with partners like [Loyalty Academy and QBF]. Additionally, collaboration is very high on our values. Being a part of this gives Gratifii a massive opportunity to learn from everyone including the Loyalty Academy, QBF and clients, but also to help educate partners on global trends and challenges where they found success and to help adopt, change, and succeed. Loyalty education is massively critical to the success of the [loyalty] industry.”

Manav added: “One of the reasons I decided to partner up with Loyalty Academy is that I experienced a lack of education for loyalty among clients. When I would start speaking about loyalty, you could see their faces gloss over. The more people that understand loyalty and how complex it is, the more willing they will be to adopt it.”

Enjoy the video and find out more about Gratifii here.